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Research shows that half of all restaurants in the U.S. offer strawberries on the menu…does yours?

Strawberries showed up in more than 100 new menu items with nearly a dozen fresth strawberry french toast options alone!

Strawberries on the Menu

Strawberries showed up in more than 100 new menu items and LTOs in just the past few months – with nearly a dozen fresh strawberry French toast options alone! Eleven items at Coco's Restaurant & Brewery featured fresh strawberries, and at Jamba Juice, the Strawberry Juice Refresher features "strawberries so fresh, their driver's licenses still list 'The Patch' as their primary residence."

Blueberries on the Rise

Blueberries are among the top 15 fruits menued by chain restaurants, with total blueberry mentions on overall menus (quick-service, family, fast casual, casual, mid-scale, fine dining) seeing more than 100% growth from 2007 to 2013. Specifically, fresh blueberry mentions on overall menus saw 82% growth from 2007 to 2010 and 176% growth by 2013.

For foodservice professional blueberry recipe inspiration, visit the Highbush Blueberry Council.

Fresh blueberry mentions on menus saw 82% growth from 2007-2010 and 176% growth by 2013.

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Tom Smith
Director of Foodservice

"The Chef Invitational is an event intended to create full-circle strengthened relationships between California Giant and our foodservice partners, industry chefs, as well as with the sponsors and judges in attendance to continue to demonstrate and educate the ways in which berries can be utilized creatively on the menu - from desserts to savory dishes, and more."
Meet Denis, owner of Basil Seasonal Dining and Gusto Handcrafted Pasta and Pizza restaurants in Carmel and Seaside. A few of Denis' favorite dishes in which he includes California Giant berries are raspberries stuffed with goat cheese, a lamb-meatball with tomato sauce and raspberries, a veal and blackberry entrée, and he plans to create a strawberry risotto in the near future. We look forward to not only having Denis back this year at the Chef Invitational as our forum host and chef judge, but also new and familiar faces alike! Click here to learn more about the 2019 California Giant Chef Invitational.